Meet Kathy

Kathy McDaniel, the ultimate culinary queen and founder of Lemon Blossoms. Originally hailing from Peru, Kathy is a woman on a mission to help you become the chef you’ve always dreamed of being. With her extensive training and expertise in the culinary arts, Kathy’s passion for cooking is contagious and is sure to leave you feeling inspired to whip up something delicious in your own kitchen.

Aside from her degree in Culinary Arts, Kathy’s extensive culinary resume includes working alongside the likes of celebrity chefs Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck, and Jet Tila. She’s been an Executive Chef, and has cooked for various high-profile clients around Los Angeles, California, and ran a thriving gourmet food and catering business in Southern California.

Meet Lauren

Lauren Gray, developer extraordinaire and founder of Once Coupled. Born and raised in The Sunshine State, Lauren is determined to simplify complex ideas and questions into bite-sized pieces of information. With her, logic reigns and problems become fun puzzles and games. Watch us break down topics and organize details in engaging ways!

Aside from passion projects and foodie adventures, Lauren’s code-heavy resume includes working with some of the biggest publishers in the food blogging space, which is how she connected with and became close friends with Kathy! She’s created custom themes, unique experiences, and small plugins that make the internet an easier place to navigate–now brought to her own piece of the pie: right here at!